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Entrepreneurship: Protais Ayangma announces the takeover of Pme Exchange

In a press release issued on 16 December 2022, the President of the Ecam employers’ movement provided information on the event in preparation.

The Pme Exchange forum is back on track. This initiative of the employers’ group Ecam (Enterprises du Cameroun) had been suspended. Through an official statement issued by Protais Ayangma, the President of Ecam, announces its resumption in March 2023. Precisely from 11 to 15 March 2023 in Douala.

For this 5th edition, the central theme will be “the contribution of SMEs to the structural transformation of the economy through the value chain approach”. During 5 days, Pme Exchange will bring together all the actors involved in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, very small industries, small industries and local start-ups.

According to the organisers, “the 5th edition is positioned as a showcase event for the year 2023 with new opportunities for the actors of the Cameroonian economic ecosystem,” says Protais Ayangma.

The concept has undergone some innovations in the approach and structuring. This edition of the relaunch will have the particularity of highlighting concrete solutions for financing sme/small businesses by sector, the organization of a hybrid exhibition where all face-to-face activities integrate digital, among others.

Gad Samy

Entrepreneurship: Protais Ayangma announces the takeover of Pme Exchange

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